LWM Electron 4

This is a current model machine that encompasses all of the technology that's made John Ellis Living Water Machines famous.

I don't want to give you a sales pitch on this product, nor I can't take responsibility for the claims that have been made about it.

***Update: John Ellis is no longer offering the Electron 4 model through dealers, and soon plans to stop offering it altogether. Currently I only offer the Electron 5 model at a discounted price.

Read about the prefilter I personally use for my John Ellis Machine.

I cannot accept returns. Why? John doesn't accept returns from me (or anyone else). I understand this is frustrating, but I'm not a big-time business that handles large volumes of sales. I can't afford to take a loss on selling these machines. I've priced them as low as I am able to for what I buy them for and the costs I accrue in the process of selling them.

What I can promise is that you will receive your purchase in a timely manner, and that if for any reason I am unable to fulfill your order, I will refund your purchase immediately.

See my Electron 5 page for purchasing.