Tuesday, August 31, 2010

About John Ellis Water

If you’re looking to purchase a John Ellis Living Water Machine, look no further. I sell the very same top-of-the-line models sold by John’s corporate headquarters for far less than he charges.


You can get your John Ellis Living Water Machine at an incredibly discounted rate...

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John Ellis LWM Electronic 4 - Use This Link — $103 off (only $1,700 $1,597 for a limited time only) ***Update: John Ellis no longer offers Electron 4 units through dealers. See link below for a discount on an Electron 5 unit.

John Ellis LWM Electron 5 - Use This Link — $203 off (only $2,800 $2,597, for a limited time only)

***New! Read about why I started using a prefilter for my John Ellis machine.

John Ellis has received all kinds of praise for his Living Water Machines. These machines produce water that’s been said to be able to cure all sorts of diseases, restore contaminated wells and water sources to vitality, and much more.

I don’t have the desire or grounds to verify or criticize the claims made about the John Ellis Water. To be honest, all of the information on John’s website seems very confusing and exhausting to me. I’ve tried to make sense of it, but never reached any conclusions.

What I do know about John Ellis Water is that I really love it. Since I purchased my Living Water Machine, I’ve felt great. I’ve noticed an increased sense of focus, wellness, and also that my body isn’t bloating the way it used to when I would drink lots of water.

John says this is because the increased solubility of the water allows it to be absorbed much more efficiently, allowing my blood to hold more oxygen, but again, I cannot verify this claim.

For most people, buying these machines is a big risk. John offers no return policy on his machines, and they cost thousands.

As a service to those wanting to purchase a Living Water Machine, I’ve decided to sell them myself. John gave me a break on volume purchasing, and I want to pass the savings on to others.

Click below to find out more about the models I currently have available.